Mulla Nasrudin Jokes

The Conqueror Needs a Title

A new ruler just conquered Nasrudin’s town. He saw Nasrudin and asked him, “Hey Mulla, come here and help me with something. I am trying to think up an honorary title for myself. I want it to have the word God in it, just like other conquerors such as ‘From-God,’ ‘God’s Warrior,’ ‘God’s Soul,’ and ‘One-With-God.’ Do you have any suggestions for me?”

“How about ‘God-Forbid?'”

Pricing the Conqueror

One day, the town’s new conqueror asked Nasrudin, “If I were a slave, how much would I cost?”

“$522.18,” Nasrudin responded.

“What!” the conqueror shouted in great anger. “Just the clothes I’m wearing right now are worth $500!”

“Yes,” replied Nasrudin, “I factored the clothes into my price.”

The Turban is Mine

Nasrudin’s old friend Eynolla came to visit him one day from a far away village.

“I want to introduce you to a few people,” Nasrudin told Eynolla.

“OK,” replied Eynolla, “but please lend me a turban, for I am not properly dressed.”

So Nasrudin lent him the turban, and they went and visited one of Nasrudin’s friends. “This is my friend Eynolla,” Nasrudin said, “but the turban he’s wearing is mine.”

Deeply annoyed by the remark, Eynolla waited until they left the friend’s house, and then said to Nasrudin, “Why did you comment about turban I am wearing being yours?! Don’t do that during our next visit.”

So they made their next visit, and this time Nasrudin said, “This is my friend Eynolla–and the turban he’s wearing is his, not mine.

As they left, Eynolla once again expressed his annoyance, exclaiming, “Why did you go to such lengths to say that the turban was mine and not yours. Don’t do it on our next visit.”

So as they made the next visit, Nasrudin said, “This is my friend Eynolla–and I have nothing to say about whether the turban he is wearing is his or mine.”

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