Yesterday, I wanted to Google “blueberry muffin.” Now, as we all know, Google has low standards when it comes to spelling. You just put your fingers on the keyboard like a maniac, you type in some jumbled mess that kind of resembles English, and then Google says, “Did you mean ‘blueberry muffin?'” So I went through step one of that process. I was looking for “blueberry muffin”–and I typed in “vkuebutty miggomd.” And believe it or not, Google was unable to solve that mystery. It told me, “Your search – ‘vkuebutty miggomd’ – was not even close to matching anything on the internet. And keep in mind that we used our $8 billion worth of technology to try and figure out what you meant by ‘vkuebutty miggomd.’ But we still have no clue what that’s supposed to mean. You’re gonna have to meet us half way. Try to get at least one of the letters right.” So then I did some regoogling. I cracked my knuckles, I got on that keyboard, and I went to work. And I typed in “c;twberru ?yffo[.” It was a pretty good effort. I got the berr in blueberry, and I even got the double f in muffin. It was some of my finest work in my entire career as a Googler. And then Google told me, “OK. Here at Google headquarters, we just started a betting pool on what you’re trying to search for. Larry Page put $5,000 on ‘blueberry muffin.’ Sergey Brin put $3,000 on ‘bumblebee tuna.’ And Eric Schmidt bet $15,000 on ‘Pocahontas shampoo.'”

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